Axmouth Challenge 1-miler 2022

Sunday 6th February

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Rem
13:13Amber Watkinson0Short course
23:14May Twist7Short course
33:17William Twist14Short course
43:19Harry Snook21Short course
53:28James Twist29Short course
63:29Noah Hardy36Short course
73:46Amber Hardy43Short course
83:47James Snook50Short course
94:05Isabel Twist57Short course
104:29Helen Snook64Short course
114:31Dexter Flynn71Short course
1210:26Scarlett Furneaux-Harris79Full course
1310:41Rafi Maclure86Full course
1410:47Alex Flynn93Full course
1527:10Sylvester Dominey100Short course