Axmouth Mini Challenge 2015

Sunday 18th January

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
133:17Jake SmithAxe Valley RunnersM150111
236:41Ollie CauteAxe Valley RunnersM155222
337:01Simon DurrantM1031
439:11Kevin ArcherM601541
540:02Iain RossHoniton RCM1520531
641:27Ross WaynePurbeck RunnersM25621
748:57William WatsonAxe Valley RunnersM1530743
849:47Adam BurroughAxe Valley RunnersM1535854
949:58Paul BeareEgdon Heath HarriersM40931
1054:48Charlotte FryEgdon Heath HarriersF45112
1156:27Henry SmithAxe Valley RunnersM50501015
1259:09Sarah AtkinsChard RRCF55221
1359:10Suzi RockeyF6033
1459:45Gary WheatonChard RRCM40651112
151:00:52Jane CalvertAxe Valley RunnersF5070416
161:02:40Irene VeitnerReigate Priory ACF4575511
171:02:41Steve RawlinsonTeignbridge TrottersM55801211
181:12:14Leah UnwinF8564
191:15:34Claire SmallF459072
201:15:35Nikki ButlerF459583
211:15:36Hazel GoodierF4010091