Axmouth Challenge 5-miler 2016

Sunday 3rd January

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
137:15Steve MarchM40011
239:21Flo SwanAxe Valley RunnersF158111
343:24Paul DodsonMaverick RunnersM17211
448:48Nicola OliverNorth Devon RRF5025211
552:49Simon OliverNorth Devon RRM5533312
656:33Fiona MoranExmouth HarriersF42311
758:22Jo PammenterMaverick RunnersF4550412
81:00:49Jane CalvertAxe Valley RunnersF5058522
91:01:00Angie TrinerF406761
101:02:46Jessica SheardownMaverick RunnersF4075723
111:03:26Rob ShawM408342
121:13:46Hazel GoodierF409283
131:13:47Nikki ButlerF4510092