Beer Blazer 1K 2024

Sunday 19th May

Sorry, we don't have times for this race.

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
1Isaac ClarkeHoniton RCM110111
2Maggie DalyMrs Ethelston's SchoolF112111
3Ed MawSidmouth RCM94211
4Reuben JohnsonM7531
5Dexter FlynnM7742
6Ashton RookeM9952
7George PhillipsBeer Primary SchoolM511611
8Davey NeillMusbury Primary SchoolM712731
9George StrawbridgeBeer Primary SchoolM714842
10Percy FosterBeer Primary SchoolM516923
11William AdkinBeer Primary SchoolM7181054
12Zak NewtonBeer Primary SchoolM7201165
13Ezra OconnellColyton Youth Football Club U8M7211271
14Harry RoseM523133
15James DormorBeer Primary SchoolM11251426
16Coen FrenchM327151
17Zac StockerM729168
18Beatrice DoveBeer Primary SchoolF930217
19Alice StockerF93232
20Bonnie FosterBeer Primary SchoolF934438
21Emily DormorF93654
22Navarda DershamF73861
23Lottie LambertBeer Primary SchoolF739729
24George FontesBeer Primary SchoolM54117410
25Sasha WhiteF114382
26Archie SelwayBeer Primary SchoolM74518911
27Ben JenkinsM7461910
28Jack PageM548205
29Kate ClarkeF405091
30Oscar AbsalomBeer Primary SchoolM95221312
31Billy NorthBeer Primary SchoolM754221113
32Freddie BowkerBeer Primary SchoolM755231214
33James ChapmanAwliscombe Primary SchoolM75724131
34Gregory HartBeer Primary SchoolM759251415
35River BartlettBeer Primary SchoolM56126616
36Eliza JenkinsF562101
37Kate JenkinsF4564111
38Andy JenkinsM4566271
39Rosalie DoveBeer Primary SchoolF56812217
40Carlos DormorPuffins at Beer Pre-schoolM3702821
41Renae FrenchF571133
42Cooper NexM573297
43Lean WarrenStarcross Primary SchoolF7751431
44Freddie StrawbridgeBeer Primary SchoolM37730318
45Ella WarrenStarcross Primary SchoolF5791542
46Sarah StockerF580165
47Laura StockerF82171
48Riley BaxterM384314
49Catherine WitkowskaSidmouth RCF7861842
50Helen MatthewSidmouth RCF881923
51Clemmie SelwayBeer Primary SchoolF58920619
52Heidi CoatesBeer Primary SchoolF79121520
53Ryan BaxterM593328
54Sebastian BaillieM595339
55Adam BaillieM4096341
56Monty StroverPuffins at Beer Pre-schoolM3983552
57Noah BowerBeer Primary SchoolM5100361021