Junior Grizzly 2016 - Grin And Bear It

Saturday 12th March

One discrepancy: Unknown runner number 531 in 8th place.

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
114:02Thomas RehalBlackwater Junior Triathalon ClubM150111
214:58George TomkinsHoniton RCM133211
316:09Ethan DayAxe Valley RunnersM156321
416:27Holly BiggerLangport RunnersF139111
516:59Tom UlleyM131242
617:04Tom PerryAxe Valley RunnersM1116512
717:20William WatsonAxe Valley RunnersM1519633
817:22Jasmine StoneHoniton RCF1122212
917:45Mia BartlettAxe Valley RunnersF1325324
1017:53Ethan HuntleyAxe Valley RunnersM1328735
1118:08Holly EyreAxe Valley RunnersF1331436
1218:11William HawkinsM113482
1318:33Xanthe DyerColyton Grammar SchoolF1338541
1418:35Harry OckendenColyton Grammar SchoolM1341942
1518:41Ellie RomansLangport RunnersF1144622
1619:05Natalie KyteWarriner SchoolF1147731
1719:27Joe RichardsonAxe Valley RunnersM11501037
1819:39Georgina Haskey-JonesBlackwater Junior Triathalon ClubF1353852
1919:41Josh ComerTaunton ACM11561141
2020:01Caitlyn SlomanAxe Valley RunnersF1159948
2120:02Elsa WoodAxe Valley RunnersF11621059
2220:08Kian ThomsonAxe Valley Community CollegeM11661251
2320:12Ben PushkarevAxe Valley RunnersM116913610
2420:39Cameron BoardAxe Valley RunnersM117214711
2521:38Peter JohnsAxe Valley RunnersM117515812
2621:42Jason DowlingAxe Valley RunnersM117816913
2723:05Josh S'AlbertansonAxe Valley RunnersM138117514
2823:45Isabelle ComanAxe Valley Community CollegeF13841162
2923:47Ella ShepherdAxe Valley Community CollegeF13881273
3023:56Edi RouseF1191136
3123:57Lily BryantAxe Valley RunnersF119414715
3224:29Catherine CarterF5097151
3331:21Les PullenPlumstead RunnersM601001811