Yarcombe Yomp 5-miler 2015

Saturday 7th November

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PosTimeNameClubCatPercSexCatClubPosTime Remarks
139:08Florence SwanAxe Valley RunnersF150111
241:45Sam HarveyM711
347:45James BookerM1422
450:18Emma ParrisF402121
552:47Derek WhiteMinehead RCM7029311
656:03Robin BrittonAxe Valley RunnersM6536412
757:53Paul FraserChard RRCM4043511
81:00:31Emma KessieF5031
91:01:41Angie TrinerF405742
101:02:05Alison FewinsF6452
111:03:00Liz EeleBridgwater H3F6071611
121:04:11Sarah BookerF7973
131:13:32Deborah KeebleYeovil Town RRCF5086811
141:14:57Katie BrooksYeovil Town RRCF93942
151:16:09Valerie HalesF55100101