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You can search most of our results here by any combination of the criteria below and sort on various fields. (If an event isn't listed then it's not available here cos the results aren't appropriate for displaying in our standardised format.)

You don't need to match the entire field (e.g. "Valley Runners" will match both "Axe Valley Runners" and "Avon Valley Runners").

The *nix geeks among you can use most of the regular expressions supported by egrep but note that some don't work due to the way the search is implemented (certainly ^ for BOL, $ and +; however, [^... to match anything but the specified characters does work). The most useful are pipe to separate alternatives (e.g. garry perratt|runner bean will find me by either moniker) and parentheses for grouping (e.g. (fred|joe) bloggs will find both fred and joe by their full names).

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