Westcountry Challenge Runs

This page lists long-distance challenges in the Westcountry which have been completed as a nominal run with individuals covering the whole distance on foot (so not as a relay). The times are based on trust (i.e. no attempt has been made to independently ratify them) and are from start to stop, not just moving time.

The amount of support is indicated after the time where known:

Clicking on the route name takes you to more info, any split times, etc. Clicking on names links to other websites.

Distances and ascents are very approximate; the latter may vary for linear routes depending upon direction (e.g. add 300' for Dartmoor Crossing south to north, subtract 300' for north to south).

GPS routes, interactive maps and other information for some can be found on GPS routes, GoFar and/or Fastest Known Time.

You can register a successful completion of any of these challenges (or a new route) by mailing me at anything @ this domain.

630m / 115,000' South West Coast Path Minehead-Poole Harbour
Jun-Jul 1997 Damon Rodwell 23 days Minehead to Poole Harbour
17 Jun-03 Jul 12 Mal Law (Running Wild, New Zealand) 16 days 9:57 S(P)Minehead to Poole Harbour
27 Apr-11 May 13 Mark Townsend & Julie Gardener 14 days 14:44 F Minehead to Poole Harbour
7-21 Apr 15 Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners) 14 days 8:01 S(P)Minehead to Poole Harbour
17-28 May 15 Mark Berry (North Devon Road Runners) 11 days 8:15 S(P)Poole Harbour to Minehead
14-24 May 16 Damian Hall 10 days 15:18 S(P)Poole Harbour to Minehead
102m / ?'
117m / ?'
Two Moors Way
Two Moors Way & Erme-Plym Trail
25-26 Nov 2017 Ceri Rees (Wild Running)
Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners)
26:30 2MW Lynmouth to Ivybridge
09-10 Oct 2020 Jack Casey 21:33 2MW
25:43 2MW & EPT
S Lynmouth to Wembury; track on Strava.
70m / 15,000'? Dartmoor Round Circuit of the moor See also GoFar.
There is no need to visit Meavy for a legitimate round. Nigel didn't originally run from the Royal Oak as was previously mentioned on this site and his original round started and finished at Sheepstor. He did the run as a personal challenge rather than to set a mark for others to follow but runners being what they are ...

The start/finish point can be anywhere convenient (tor, road crossing, etc.) and you can run in either direction. Some rounds have started from the pub, others from elsewhere but included the out-and-back to Meavy and others have skipped Meavy altogether.

Tor list in Nigel's original order: Sheepstor - Sharpitor - Ingra Tor - Pew Tor - Cox Tor - Standon Hill - Ger Tor - Brat Tor - Branscombe's Loaf - High Willhays - Oke Tor - Cosdon Beacon - Rippator - Thornworthy Tor - Hameldown Tor - Hameldown Beacon - Rowden Ball - Wind Tor - Sharp Tor - Puper's Hill - Corringdon Ball - Butterdon Hill - Western Beacon - Hilson's House - Penn Beacon - Great Trowlesworthy Tor - Gutter Tor - Sheepstor.

Note that all tors should be climbed to their highest point - just touching a convenient part doesn't count as them having been visited! (Consider it the same as touching summit cairns on other challenges like the Bob Graham Round.) If you really can't make it up one of them then run round all of the significant outcrops forming that particular tor.

WARNING! There are three river crossings which can be challenging or even dangerous after heavy rain. The Dart is broad; the Tavy and West Okement are narrow but can still be very fast-flowing. Nigel swam all three on his original round!

Nigel is happy to speak to anyone considering the round - see Immersion Fitness on Facebook for his contact details.

Times are for complete cicruits not visiting Meavy except where noted.
31 Dec 1999 Nigel (Zippy) Jenkins 18:03 ? Clockwise (lots of darkness, poor weather).
20 Jul 2008 Steve (Plodder) Bradfield 22:26 ? From Meavy; time from/to Meavy?
2009 Ian Bowles ? ? Clockwise extended to 80m from Haytor.
2 Sep 2017 Jon (Minibar) Croome 23:25 P Clockwise from Meavy; time from/to Meavy?
20 Jun 2020 Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners)
Tim Lenton (Axe Valley Runners)
~17¾ U Clockwise from Belstone including Meavy dogleg; 18:45 Meavy-Meavy.
18 Jul 2020 Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners) ~16 ? Clockwise from Meavy; 16:48 Meavy-Meavy.
18 Jul 2020 Andrew Connor 15:21 ? Clockwise from Meavy; 16:11 Meavy-Meavy.
24 Jul 2020 Simon Barnett 16:03 ? Clockwise from Meavy; 16:56 Meavy-Meavy.
15 Aug 2020 Jo Meek 13:57 F P Clockwise from Meavy; 14:39 Meavy-Meavy.
23 Aug 2020 Andrew Reeve 19:30 ? Clockwise from Shipley Bridge.
5 Sep 2020 Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners)12:40 P Clockwise from Western Beacon.
27 Mar 2021 Adam Forest 17:38 ? Clockwise from Hameldown Hill.
7 May 2021 George Domaille
Mark Domaille
21:43 P Clockwise from Lane End (below Ger Tor).
14 May 2021 Ed Gamble (Cheshire Hill Racers)19:44 S Clockwise from Dartmeet including Meavy dogleg; accompanied for 2 hours.
2 Sep 2023 Sam Waddy 21:41 U Anticlockwise from Pew Tor (no stashes). Write-up here.
70m / 12,000' East Devon RoundEast Devon Way and South West Coast Path.

Nothing to do with the race of the same name which only started in 2019.

21 May 2011 John Keast (Sidmouth RC)
Don Cawthera (Sidmouth RC)
20:25 P Clockwise from Sidmouth at 3am
27-28 Jul 2012 Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners) 18:18 P Anti-clockwise from Lyme Regis at 6pm
15 Jun 2014 Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners) 11:39 P Anti-clockwise from Sidmouth at 7am.
65m / 10,000' Wessex Ridgeway - Dorset section Ashmore to Lyme Regis (original footpath route, not the newer "multi-use" option)
May 2008 Ines Braun (Gillingham Trotters) 15:09 F ? Wessex Ridgeway Relay (Tollard Royal to Uplyme village hall)
May 2008 Andy Horsley (Wimborne AC) 15:18 ? Wessex Ridgeway Relay (Tollard Royal to Uplyme village hall)
May 2012 Andy Horsley (Wimborne AC) 14:22 ? Wessex Ridgeway Relay (Tollard Royal to Uplyme village hall)
May 2012 Craig Dixon (Dorset Doddlers)
Ian Holmes (Gillingham Trotters)
14:40 ? Wessex Ridgeway Relay (Tollard Royal to Uplyme village hall)
04 Sep 2016 Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners) 12:27 (P) Tollard Royal to Lyme Regis clock tower
40m / 5,000' East Devon Way PlusExmouth-Uplyme (EDW ends at Devon-Dorset border) then on to Lyme Regis
Apr 2004 Nick Keast (Sidmouth RC)
Jim Pyne (Sidmouth RC)
8¼ hrs S? Exmouth to Lyme Regis
Jun 2004 Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners)
John Keast (Sidmouth RC)
Neil Tubbs (Sidmouth RC)
7½ hrs S Exmouth to Lyme Regis (Cobb Arms)
2009? Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners)
Eleanor Wood (Axe Valley Runners)
Phil Bayliss (Axe Valley Runners)
8½ hrs? S Exmouth to Uplyme (end of EDW)
06 Aug 2011 Tom Bland 7:14 U Exmouth to Lyme Regis (clock tower)
13 May 2012 Jon Day (Axe Valley Runners)
Paul Johns (Axe Valley Runners)
Tom Bland (Axe Valley Runners)
7:55 S Exmouth to Lyme Regis (Cobb Arms)
28 Dec 2012 Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners)
Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners)
Matt Clist (Axe Valley Runners)
7:15 (S)Exmouth to Lyme Regis (Cobb Arms)
27 Apr 2013 Alex Todd (Axe Valley Runners)
Matt Clist (Axe Valley Runners)
6:38 U Exmouth to Lyme Regis (end of The Cobb)
17 May 2014 Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners) 5:47 P Exmouth to Lyme Regis (end of The Cobb; 5:35 end of EDW)
15 Jun 2014 Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners) 6:31 P Lyme Regis to Exmouth (as part of the East Devon Round)
31 Mar 2018 James Green (Axe Valley Runners)
Matt Clist (Axe Valley Runners)
7:20 U Lyme Regis to Exmouth
40m / 4,000' West Dorset RoundSouth Dorset Ridgeway and South West Coast Path (omitting Portland)
05 Aug 2012 Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners)
Alex Todd (Axe Valley Runners)
7:35 (S) Clockwise from Hardy Monument
45m / 5,000' Channel to Channel Bristol Channel to English Channel
08 Jan 2001 Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners) 8:45 S Quantoxhead to Seaton
30m / 4,000' Dartmoor Crossing North-south or south-north traverse of the moor; various route variations but absolute minimum of road running. The pure approach starts and finishes at the northernmost and southernmost moorgates (Tor Cross near Belstone grid ref 610941 and Ivybridge grid ref 652569).

Not the same route as The Crossing race (which started in 2017).

15 Nov 2010 Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners)
Dan Booth (Mynyddr de Cymru)
Jon Croome (Exmouth Harriers)
Jim Pyne (Sidmouth RC)
Graham Newton (Axe Valley Runners)
Gordon Hathway
Nick Bale
7+ hrs U Ivybridge to Okehampton
18 Apr 2011 Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners)
Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners)
Alex Copping (Team Bath AC)
6½ hrs U Ivybridge to Belstone
24 Aug 2013 Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners)
Matt Clist (Axe Valley Runners
4:48 U Tor Cross to Ivybridge
07 Sep 2013 Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners)
Matt Clist (Axe Valley Runners)
Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners)
5:07 U Ivybridge to Tor Cross
23 Mar 2016 Ceri Rees (Wild Running) 3:43 U Belstone to Ivybridge (gate to gate)
30 Apr 2016 Miriam Quick (Wild Running) 5:19 F (P) Tor Cross to Ivybridge
23 Aug 2016 Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners) 4:27 U Tor Cross to Ivybridge
16 May 2018 Brennan Townsend 3:14 U Belstone to Ivybridge
23 Feb 2019 Andy Connor 4:09 U Ivybridge to Belstone
28 Apr 2019 Eleanor Wood (Axe Valley Runners)
Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners)
Karen Eyre (Axe Valley Runners)
Lee Moran (Axe Valley Runners)
Matt Clist (Axe Valley Runners)
6:01 Tor Cross to Bittaford moorgate (gate to gate)
05 Sep 2020 Tom Perry (Exeter Harriers) 4:45 S Tor Cross to Ivybridge (gate to gate)
01 May 2021 Andy Connor 3:31 U Harford moorgate (Ivybridge) to Belstone
17 May 2021 Oliver Perratt (Ludlow Runners)
Lee Moran (Axe Valley Runners)
5:29 U Bittaford moorgate to Belstone
17 May 2021 Laura Perratt (Ludlow Runners)
Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners)
<7 hrs U Belstone to Bittaford moorgate
17 Jul 2021 Andy Connor 3:24 U Belstone to Harford moorgate (Ivybridge)
30m / 4,000' Overnight Crossing It's more challenging in the dark!
01 Jul 2011 Garry Perratt (Axe Valley Runners)
Alex Todd (Axe Valley Runners)
Kevin Hawker (Honiton RC)
7+ hrs U Ivybridge to Belstone; finished in daylight cos Garry conked out big time at Postbridge.
60m / 8,000' Double Crossing There and back again!
23 Aug 2016 Patrick Devine-Wright (Axe Valley Runners) 12:18 U Ran from Tor Cross to Ivybridge then walked back
Dartmoor 500sCircular route from the Warren House Inn visiting all tors at least 500m elevation devised by Simon Evans. More at FastestKnownTime.com.
22 Aug 2018 Simon Evans
Andrew Biffen
U Separated towards the end.
20 Sep 2019 Jamie Stephenson 15:56 U
09 Apr 2021 Robin Upton 17:58 U
05 Jun 2021 Jack Edwards 15:10 S
18m Dartmoor 600sCircular route from the Dartmoor Inn visiting all five tops over 600m

See the challenge's Facebook page.
39m Exmouth and Sidmouth Ten TrigsA circuit of all ten trigs around Exmouth and Sidmouth: Summer Lane, exmouth - Black Hill Reservoir - Woodbury Common - Aylesbeare Common - (Fire) Beacon Hill - East Hill Strips - Buckton Hill (private land but can pass close to the trig) - Weston Cliff (private land but can get within metres from the "permitted access" meadow on the seaward side) - High Peak - Budleigh golf course.
10 Jul 2020 Jon Croome (Exmouth Harriers) 8:26 U Clockwise from Exmouth

South West Coast Path

A few ground rules should be followed to qualify for inclusion here:

Note also that planning is important for this challenge; in particular, don't underestimate how difficult and stressful the support job can be.

East Devon Way

The East Devon Way is a waymarked inland route between Exmouth and Uplyme, although it is obvious to continue on down to Lyme Regis. It has about 5,000 feet of climb in the 40 miles so definitely isn't flat, but nor is it extremely hilly by East Devon standards.

Patrick's run

One of the reasons for Patrick's fast time (other than him being a very fine distance runner, of course!) was that he was fully supported with at least one pacer on each leg, carrying food & drink, opening gates, etc. Other runs tend to be either groups of various size with road support, or unsupported solos/small groups with a few water stashes.

Leg End point Dist Time
Start 08:00
1 Hulham Road 3.4 08:28
2 Lympstone Common 6.6 08:55
3 Hawkerland 9.6 09:18
4 Harpford Church 13.4 09:50
5 White Cross 16.1 10:17
6 Hatway Hill 19.2 10:45
7 Middle Knapp Farm 22.4 11:16
8 Northleigh Church 25.9 11:44
9 Chantry Bridge 29.4 12:13
10 Musbury 32.7 12:44
11 Above Uplyme 36.1 13:21
12 End of EDW 37.8 13:34
13 End of Cobb 39.4 13:47

East Devon Round

The East Devon Round follows all of the East Devon Way, the section of the South West Coast Path between Exmouth (Starcross ferry terminal) and Lyme Regis (clocktower), plus a link between the two alongside the River Lim. It's roughly 70 miles long with 12,000' of ascent.

It's quite roady with about 20 miles of hard surface between all the roads, drives and tarmac paths. The off-road going is largely good and the routes are reasonably well waymarked although a map or local knowledge is essential in places. There are some fantastic views (given good weather).

Two legs can be quite miserable - the long, flat boring road through Exmouth (very tedious when you're knackered) and the Lyme Regis Undercliff (a very twisty, hilly, technical trail which can likewise be a real chore when very tired).
GPS routes and interactive maps East Devon Way
South West Coast Path


Splits from Garry's round

Night legs are darker yellow. Blue items show further notes when you hover the mouse over them.
LegEnd Distance Time Notes
Leg Total Rest Leg Total
1 Musbury 6.0 6 1:06 1:06
2 Colyton 3.5 10 8 48 2:02 15-minute error
3 Northleigh 3.9 13 6 40 2:48
4 Farway Wood 2.7 16 10 32 3:30
5 Sidbury 5.3 21 15 1:02 4:47
6 Harpford 4.3 26 8 57 5:52
7 Joney's Cross (A3052 crossing) 2.9 29 33 42 7:07 25-minute sleep
8 Four Firs 3.8 32 8 53 8:08
9 Exmouth - A La Ronde 3.7 36 9 50 9:07
10 Exmouth - end of East Devon Way 2.9 39 10 37 9:54
11 Exmouth - Orcombe Point 2.2 41 0 32 10:26 5-minute error
12 Budleigh Salterton - prom 3.6 45 19 55 11:40 15-minute doze
13 Sidmouth - sailing club 7.0 52 9 1:39 13:28
14 Branscombe Mouth 5.8 57 22 1:43 15:33
15 Beer 2.1 60 0 30 16:03
16 Seaton - Fisherman's Gap 1.4 61 2 17 16:22
17 Lyme Regis - Cobb Arms 6.7 68 2 1:53 18:17

Dartmoor 500s

This challenge is to visit all tors at least 500m above mean sea level. Tors should be ascended where possible but going the "long way round" is an acceptable alternative where climbing them is beyond your ability or comfort zone. The older and creakier ones among us will understand how much this helps!

As locals will be aware, there can be much discussion (or outright argument!) about what constitutes a tor but this site defers to Ken Ringwood's excellent book "Dartmoor's Tors and Rocks" which essentially includes any distinct outcrop, regardless of its name or whether or not it's annotated on OS, Harvey's or indeed any other map.

Beardown Tors513mSX60277731
Black Tor502mSX56818924
Braddon Tor514mSX62337990
Branscombe's Loaf538mSX55308912
Chat Tor542mSX55528528
Conies Down Tor533mSX58907912
Cosdon Beacon550mSX63619149
Crow Tor501mSX60637878
Devil's Tor549mSX59647962
Dinger Tor542mSX58658814
East Mill Tor513mSX59938987
Flat Tor541mSX60898153
Fordsland Ledge585mSX57598884
Fur Tor572mSX58758306
Great Kneeset567mSX58898587
Great Links Tor591mSX55078676
Great Mis Tor538mSX56267690
Green Tor543mSX56198643
Gren Tor516mSX55118796
Hameldown Beacon Rocks517mSX70837875
Hameldown Tor529mSX70318057
Hampster Tor618mSX57968949
Hangingstone Hill596mSX61588622
Hare Tor531mSX55088424
Herne Hole Tor500mSX57857450
High Willhays621mSX58028924
Higher Dunnagoat562mSX55748649
Higher White Tor527mSX61977859
Hunt Tor562mSX55688753
Kit Rocks520mSX61318275
Kitty Tor579mSX56718745
Little Crow Tor500mSX60697876
Little Kneeset506mSX58588409
Little Links Tor520mSX54728698
Little Tor531mSX58789062
Little Whiten Tor501mSX61487869
Longaford Tor507mSX61577794
Lower Dunna Goat557mSX55778636
Lower White Tor507mSX61937923
Lydford Tor510mSX59927816
Lynch Tor517mSX56568054
North Hessary Tor517mSX57877423
Rough Tor547mSX60607982
Sharp Tor519mSX55058480
Sittaford Tor538mSX63328299
Steeperton Tor532mSX61848888
Watern Tor537mSX62938672
West Mill Tor541mSX58769094
Wild Tor531mSX62308764
Yes Tor619mSX58089014

West Dorset Round

The West Dorset Round follows all of the South Dorset Ridgeway (inland alternative to the coast path avoiding Weymouth) and part of the South West Coast Path. It's roughly 40 miles long with 4,000' of ascent excluding Portland; the latter adds nearly 15m and 1,000' of climb.

It's mainly off-road with good going and the routes are reasonably well waymarked although a map or local knowledge is essential in places. There are some fantastic views in various places (given good weather!).

The long, flat boring road through Weymouth can be tedious.

Splits from Garry & Alex's round

LegEndDistance Time
Leg Total Rest Leg Total
1 Osmington (farm shop) 9.8 10 1:40 1:40
2 Ferrybridge (pub) 9.5 18 15 1:30 3:25
3 Abbotsbury (swannery car park) 10.4 29 15 1:45 5:25
4 West Bexington (car park) 3.7 32 10 0:35 6:10
5 Hardy Monument 6.1 39 10 1:15 7:35